Engineering Services

Aspetto offers end-to-end engineering solutions for federal agencies.
From concept generation to mass production of products, our engineering team can complete your engineering projects no matter what the size.

Our Product Development Strategy

The Aspetto engineering team follows a product development strategy created to ensure project completion that’s comprehensive and timely.

Here are the product development steps we follow:

  • Customer needs identification
  • Ideation
  • Screening of ideas
  • Modeling (CAD modeling)
  • Prototyping (SLA 3D printing)
  • Validation
  • Testing and production

Modeling and Validation

In engineering, it’s imperative the measurements are exact and the product you envisioned is the product you get. We complete our modeling and validation processes by using superior engineering software tools to ensure top-notch results.

We use SolidWorks CAD software for modeling and then validate our designs by carrying out the Finite Element Analysis (static, dynamic, and thermal) using SolidWorks Simulation Capability.

By using these exceptional engineering tools, we can identify any necessary design changes and ensure proper product completion.

Rapid Prototyping Facility

When you choose Aspetto for your government engineering projects, we’ll complete your prototypes in-house at our rapid prototyping facility. At the facility, the prototype will go through three stages involving a Form3 3D printer, form wash, and form cure.


Step One

Our team converts the CAD file to a standard .STL file format, but we do offer other versions as well. We then importthe file into pre-form slicer software to prepare for printing.


Step Two

The next step is to move the print to the form washwhere it undergoes a dirty wash then a final wash to remove any uncured resin.


Step Three

Once the washing is complete, we remove all supports and send the print to the form cure stage. This stage will help the product keep its mechanical properties.

Production Facility

When it’s production time, most parts will be mass produced through injection molding. The Aspetto team will help you choose the right materials for your products. We’ll also ensure they have the desired mechanical properties for injection molding.

The final step before sending the design to production is to work with the injection molding engineers and die makers. At this point, we’ll ensure the design is injection moldable without losing any of the features.

Although we follow a general process for engineering projects, each project is unique. We’ll work with you closely to ensure that the product you envision is the product that’s delivered. The Aspetto team can work within your budget and timeline to produce products that are both cost-efficient and produced in a timely manner.