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Aspetto Ballistic Blanket With Aspetto Blanket Stand

$ 4600
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The Ballistic Blanket series of products offered by Aspetto, Inc. are intended to protect against high velocity fragmentation as well as NIJ Level IIIA Ballistic threats.

Nylon Panel Covers

Woven Aramid

Rigid Self-Supporting Material

Standard size for the barrier blanket is 4' x 6'. However, other sizes are available included but not limited to 5' x 6', 6' x 6' and custom designs.

Outer Shell/Carrier:

Each individual barrier blanket can be covered in 1000 denier nylon, 500 denier nylon, or 600 denier polyester for high abrasion resistance. This fabric is urethane back coated for fabric protection and water repellency.


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