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Mantoni Super 140s. Double Breasted Solid Light Gray

$ 365
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  • Mantoni
  • Super 140s
  • 100% Wool
  • Double Breasted Solid Light Gray
  • Euro Slim
  • Flat Front Pants
  • Non-functional Sleeve Buttons

These suits aren’t for just anyone.


They are for princes and potentates. Superstars, champions, and leaders. Those who wing over the heads of the crowd with their talent and relentless determination to drive to the top.

Sound like anyone you know?

Then happily put on one of these double-breasted, solid light gray Mantoni suits.

Another reason to wear one of these: they’re made out of 100% wool, which means your wardrobe will symbolize your commitment to quality of the highest order.

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M46306-2 Solid Light Gray

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