Knock Their Socks Off

Socks: The name, interestingly enough, comes from the Latin word soccus- what Romans wore on their feet. Socks are worn for a multitude of reasons- dress, casual or athletic. Through the ages it seems that socks have served a sole purpose - but can they move beyond that? In our day-to-day business setting dress socks seem to fit the script. They can move beyond these basic purposes though, and go so far as to express one’s personal sense of style. If you’re looking to show off a piece of you in subtle way, think twice before buying those basic black socks.

Themed socks: Is it St. Patrick’s Day or Fourth of July? Spice up your sock life with some green clover socks or red white and blue socks to show your American pride.

Patterned socks: Stripes, dots, plaid, checked, whatever appeals to you! Don’t be afraid to break away from the basics. Use patterned socks to express your own personal style.

Business socks: Neutral colors are always a classic option as are the softer patterns such as argyle. These tend to be worn by those who aim for a conservative appearance.

So don’t be shy, start your own trend by combining unique patterns and Muadil Toner colors in a way that will be sure to knock their socks off.

Wear it. Own it. Appearance Is Everything... That you want it to be.