Autumn and Winter Style Guide

Autumn/Winter Style Guide


In the autumn/winter months layering becomes a necessity. Layering can feel a bit overwhelming, if you don’t have a guide as reference. The autumn/winter seasons allows for darker bolder colors that are very elegant when matched up with a conventional charcoal or navy suit. Burgundy or rust accent colors paired with a cashmere or wool fabric give your outfit emphasis. With five key garments this autumn/winter you will be able to layer with the best of them.


  • When looking for an overcoat you should maintain a traditional style with subtle modern accents. A wool or cashmere topcoat with a peak lapel is a great option for the work week. Peacoats with no pocket flaps are ideal for a date night. Whereas a full length double breasted raincoat is a style that portrays a sign of authority. Larger lapels on outerwear harkens back to the days when menswear was cherished by all ages of men.


  • This is the time of year to break out those heavier flannel or warm cashmere jackets. A windowpane pattern with a rust strip can portray a sense of style without appearing forced or unconventional. Keep in mind that subtle patterns and textures with either rust or burgundy accents are safe versatile choices.


  • Sweaters can be seen as a replacement or an addition layer of color and texture to your outfit. A knit fabric adds character, and should be the go fabric choice. Silk sweaters offer a more formal appearance. Cardigans can be used as a replacement for a blazer when matched with an overcoat and trouser. A turtleneck instead of a dress shirt, a sportcoat, and an overcoat offer an elegant look.


  • Autumn/winter is the season to mix in subtle patterns of windowpane and houndstooth. This also applies to your trouser. A solid textured sportcoat such as cashmere or flannel paired with a windowpane or houndstooth trouser promotes a sense of style. A unique style that had its resurgence this year is the higher waist pant in a more relaxed fit.


  • When deciding on dress shoes keep in mind, $200 dress shoes will last you twice as long as a $100 pair. $300 dress shoes can last you a lifetime, when maintained properly. When investing in a pair of dress shoes the quality of craftsmanship will determine how long the shoe can be maintained by a cobbler. Resoling a pair of shoes, and adding caps will make a worn pair feel brand new. Stylish fall dress shoes include Chelsea boots, wingtips, and spectators. They all have leather and fabric options available. Black and Bordeaux will be the most versatile options.


- Brandon Farrior

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