Summer Style Guide

Each season is associated with certain staple garments, and summer might be the trickiest of them all. Summer brings us vacations, long sunny days, and hotter climates. Summer allows for lighter fabrics, bolder patterns, and brighter shades. When adapting your wardrobe without a plan it can be challenging. Take the time to ensure that the garment fits for your body shape. This will open a variety of options you may naturally shy away from. With that in mind, here is my summer style guide to help you accept and celebrate the summer season.


Bold Printed Shirts-

· We all know that summer comes with brighter hotter days. The best way to counter that heat and humidity is a looser fitting shirt. Print shirts can give your outfit the emphasis it needs to stand out. This year Hawaiian, Floral, Abstract, and Paisley patterns have all been seen in circulation. They can be worn with a pair of chinos for a more casual relaxed look. Wear them under a solid color suit to give a sign of personality. Stick with bold colors and conservative patterns for more versatility. This look will allow you to put less thought into your outfit, and still have a striking theme to the ensemble.


· Although summer is mostly over, linen and neutral tones always look great in controlled settings. They break up contrasting pieces, and serve as a great medium to bring them together. A Solid white oxford or linen shirt can go a long way for your wardrobe. Knowing how to fit the garment to your body shape will help you pull this off. In formal settings a white or ivory dinner jacket offers a very elegant look.

Unbuttoned Shirts-

· The past few years’ menswear trends have been heavily focused on tie pins and perfect knotted ties. This year the focus has been shifted to a more stylish relaxed look. Such as this year’s trend of the exposed chest look. Instead of solid shirts and patterned ties, men have switched to conservative patterned shirts with no tie. This is a great strategy to beat the heat with style.


· Chinos have been a staple in menswear due to them being a standard-issue garment for the military. Bold colored chinos not only allow for durability and comfort, but give variety to your chino-blazer combo. I would suggest an olive or sage color for a more neutral versatile option. For a bolder look go with a salmon or steel blue shade. Washed/Broken-In chinos will offer a sense of character to the pant.


· With warmer weather, should bring a lighter and brighter dress shoe. Cap-Toe oxfords are great for year round, although a pair of unlined chukkas offer a unique sense of style. Loafers are great for ventilation, but exhibit a more casual look.


Bonus tip: A solid navy power suit with a linen fabric is a good way to sneak in a more relaxed outfit in a conservative setting. Just don’t wear it on a day you have an interview or board meeting.


Brandon Farrior

Fashion Designer

Aspetto, Inc.