Meet Brandon


One Step for Me, One Giant Leap for Us.

In my youth, I was always excited to pick out my dad’s ties for the next day. That routine we set up helped develop who I am, and my preferences today. Menswear is more than just your work uniform. A suit is made to convey your lifestyle and confidence. My excitement was revived at age seventeen when I received my first job. It was at the same menswear store my father had grown a relationship with. This is where I learned the pride behind understanding how a well dressed man should wear his clothes.

Since then, I have sought out the knowledge on how menswear is and use to be made. I graduated from George Mason University with an undergrad in Fashion Design. There I was able to learn the history and process of how garments are made. I’m now able to use those tools to explore different patterns, cuts, drapes, and details in menswear. This information has proven to be priceless when looking to understand the trajectory of trends in menswear today. During this time I was working part-time at an off the rack store. Now I have been brought in by Abbas and Rob to help develop and provide you with the right garments to enhance your lifestyle and confidence.


Wear it. Own it. Appearance is Everything . . . that you want it to be.


Brandon Farrior

Fashion Designer