Texture Sophistication

It’s very common today for men to choose a solid suit, solid dress shirt, then an “exciting” or “personality” driven tie. They generally believe that by adding a solid tie instead a patterned tie, the outfit will appear bland. However, solid colors with slight variations in texture show a sign of sophistication.

Textures can prove to be very important to the impact of a garment. Suit textures will create a fluctuation in the color of the suit based on the lighting. Some suit textures would be sharkskin, birds eye, and herringbone.

The same concept applies to sportcoats. Try a solid coat with texture that will appeal to you. Some options that are available would be basketweave, barleycorn, and a mottled or flannel texture.

When looking for a shirt option, try variations of the same color. The most common color is a standard blue, although there are over 60 shades of blue to choose from. Use those colors to create a different look for yourself. Some choices I would recommend are teal, royal blue, warm and baby blue. All of these subtle details will be rewarded by further attention, when they are noticed.

Wear it. Own it. Appearance is Everything... That you want it to be.


Brandon Farrior

Fashion Designer

Aspetto, Inc.

Photo from www.pinterest.com