Post With Purpose

You may know us as America's First "Bulletproof" Suit Company. Some of you may wear Aspetto Suits. Or, this may very well be your first time hearing of Aspetto or even accessing our site. (If so, welcome!) No matter how you got here, I want to tell it to you straight.

We are a business and we are here to thrive as a company. Our goal is to become a global brand. From selling our garments on, to fulfilling ballistic contracts with various agencies, we are on the verge of doing just that. All is good and grand but there is one thing that I (we) would like to be more passionate about. That is philanthropy and giving back.

We are a small business and have a plate full to juggle daily. Unfortunately, our philanthropy at times, does take the back seat. My goal is to be a better giver. Now, I am asking for your help as your support is needed. And no, it’s not some cliché statement; it's a reality. This is rather an honest way for us to spread "good" around the world and #PostWithPurpose.

My buddy and his friends recently posted a fund to support those affected and who continue to struggle with sexual violence in the Monadnock, NH region. Although the donation period for this event ends Saturday (4/16) it is not too late to show support. I strongly encourage you to take a look, if you feel compelled, donate as they are trying to reach their goal, but better yet share their cause because they took the initiative to #PostWithPurpose and are giving.

Not many of us realize but we access a powerful too daily. Social Media is not (just) something to post randomness. It is a strong voice that is heard. It consists of platforms that make up the most efficient method of "sharing" known to man.

So "What's" my point?

Rather than sharing another cat/dog video (you can still do that because I love seeing them), Post. With. Purpose. and be a giver. (We are going to do the same) Help us build awareness, philanthropy, support, love, peace, etc., through our tool(s) that we call Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and platforms alike. I promise, it will be rewarding.

Soon, Aspetto will begin a monthly giveaway. The only way it can be successful is with your support. We intend to introduce you to a cause we are supporting. All you have to do is share, or better yet, donate to the cause. At the end, all proceeds will go to that organization.

So, I challenge you. Take a look at their cause in benefiting Monadnock Center For Violence Prevention and their journey to “Walk-a-Mile in Her Shoes”. Read it. Maybe donate. But more importantly, spread the word for this cause. Use the "tool" at your fingertips (literally) and #PostWithPurpose.

This Blog is our tool. This is our means to not only conduct business but more: help, give, and educate. Please, join Aspetto and I. Follow us and #PostWithPurpose.

PS - Thank you Stef, Ally, Don, & Andy for making a difference.

PPS - The Monadnock Center For Prevention accepts donations year-round at, and would greatly appreciate any and all support.