Seven years ago, we made and sold our first custom-made suit jacket. In creating this company, we made a silent resolve to ourselves.
We will create truly fashionable, tailor-made, perfect-fitting clothing for the great multitudes of men who seek excellence in appearance. It will be of high enough quality to give every man an impeccable look. This clothing will be created from the best materials, by the best people to be had, after the best, most stylish designs modern fashion presents. But they will be exceptionally affordable in price so that no man earning a decent salary will be unable to own a flawless wardrobe.

If we were to start Aspetto again, we would not in any way alter this vision. In plain language, it gives the very reason for the success and growth of Aspetto. And out of this vision was born Aspetto's promise to you - an inviolable "code of honor" upon which we have been built:

  1. We will ALWAYS make sure you receive the best possible customer service.
  2. We will NEVER compromise on quality.
  3. We will NEVER let an ill-fitting suit out in public if it has been created by our hands.
  4. We will ALWAYS listen to your needs.
  5. We will NOT charge you for shipping.

If for any reason we cannot get you the product we are looking for, we will go out and look for it, and do our very best to find it for you - even if it means we must go to the competition.

  1. We will NEVER lie to you.
  2. We will ALWAYS give our items a WOW factor.
  3. We will ALWAYS think of your pocket before we think of ours.

We will always ensure that EVERY single client is happy with us.