Aspetto, located in Fredericksburg, VA, is a manufacturer and retailer of affordable, bespoke men’s professional clothing and bulletproof clothing.

Aspetto’s mission is to provide exceptionally good-looking, handsome-inducing business attire for men at an affordable price combined with absolutely superb customer service. Whether you need a custom-fit suit or a bulletproof suit, Aspetto is the perfect fit.

Our Story

Aspetto all started with a slick-looking man named Abbas Haider. At the time, Abbas was a full-time college student who also happened to be a fashion aficionado and lover of business. His passion for these things was the fuel for the fire that kindled the Aspetto idea. As time ticked on, Abbas was soon joined by college student Robert Davis, and what was once a small-time operation now boomed into a business that attained a position of leadership for fine men's clothing. Aspetto’s upward climb continued as the United States government was secured as a client in 2012 and the press quickly dubbed Aspetto as "America’s First Bulletproof Clothing Line."

How is Aspetto bulletproof clothing made?

With a focus on high-fashion, Aspetto wanted to steer away from the bulky look synonymous with traditional bulletproof clothing. In order for the bulletproof gear to remain discreet, Aspetto partnered with the world’s best ballistic manufacturers to integrate a robust bulletproof material that is lightweight and further exceeds NIJ and FBI testing requirements. These thin, limber ballistic panels are then inserted into hidden compartments within the lining of Aspetto suits to produce America’s toughest, and most stylish, bullet-resistant suit on the market.

Meet the Team

Customer service at Aspetto is key. We strive to go above and beyond your expectations and deliver clothing options that fit your needs and lifestyle. We are so passionate about the clothing we create, and we want you to share the same passion. Whether you come into our store or buy online, we won’t stop until you look and feel great.

Meet the President

Abbas Haider, CEO & President of Aspetto, has immersed himself in the world of men's formal wear for the past 10 years. In 2008, while attending college full-time, he decided to delve into custom tailoring, and single-handedly created Aspetto. Today, Abbas has acquired a supportive team to help run the company and is pushing Aspetto to an even brighter future.

Meet the COO

With a strong entrepreneurial sense and acute intellect of fashion, Robert Davis handles all day-to-day operations as the COO of Aspetto, Inc. Alongside his colleague, Robert Davis intends to recreate the "Men's Suit World" with service, quality and value – the way Aspetto has been conducting business for years.

Meet the Design Consultants

We have hunted out bright, ambitious design consultants who have an eye for style and fashion. They stand ready and waiting to help you with any questions you have and are always available to ensure you get precisely what you want. Our design team works closely with you, thereby ensuring that your final look will be so, so handsome. We want to show you what we can do for you – what our team can do for you – so schedule an appointment today to reboot your style!